Three PR Social Media Blogs You Should Be Reading About

Hello my fellow PR geniuses!

When researching blogs in the field of public relations I found three very interesting blogs that I want to share:

1.”The PR industry must adapt and model itself for a new social order

I found this blog interesting because it discusses the recent changes in social media and how that’s effecting PR as a field. It says that PR must adapt to this new technology and I could not agree more. The blog mentioned five major issues that PR must adapt to in order to stay current.

  • The ascent of the personal brand-people are more focused on building their personal reputation and what issues this will have on a company’s brand
  • Always on everywhere-due to technology we are seemingly always available, but this presents issues with quality and quantity of responses
  • A flat world economy-the current economy has the chance to impact client thinking for quite sometime presenting issues with a change in media
  • ‘C-suite’ scrutiny, ethics, and transparency-people are concerned with how a company operates and it’s ethical procedures presenting issues for PR practitioners to best represent a company
  • Less deference and more reference-clients seek to better understand their audiences and PR practitioners must find the most appropriate messages to unite customers

2.“Finding new strike zones for media pitches”

I immediately gravitated to this blog because it discusses new ways to pitch PR ideas through media a topic I believe necessary for the future of PR. The blog itself includes a video response by a client contact. They discuss the new concept of BYOD aka “Bring Your Own Device” and how that can effect work strategies. The results seem promising but they ensure this won’t change the system entirely but instead be able to mix things up when pitching ideas.

3.“Forrester says social doesn’t drive online sales, and why that’s fine”

The mention of social media caught my eye in this blog, which discusses research by Forrester that indicates social media accounts for one percent of online spending while email and search engines dominate the market. I had no idea the numbers were so few for social media spending. The blog’s author Dave Fleet had his own take on the idea and came up with these four topics:

  • Social is media, not a medium
  • Sales isn’t always the objective
  • Of course email matters
  • Social can underpin or enhance other functions

Hope you found these blogs as interesting and noteworthy as I did, may they help you in your future PR endeavors.


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